2016: Recognition of Service at Gettysburg High School


On January 19th, 2016 at 6:00  P.M., the Interfaith Center for Peace and Justice dedicated a large display board that recognizes graduates of the Gettysburg Area High School who have served in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America.

The dedication was held in the High School lobby by the administrative offices where the display board is located.

At the top of the board is the title, “GAHS National & International Civic Service.

Christine Kellett, President of the ICPJ, explains, “This board fits well into the general aims of the ICPJ in that it honors individuals who gave of themselves to advance peace and justice both in the United States and around the world. We are proud of these graduates of Gettysburg Area High School.”

The beautiful board, handmade by David Crowner, was unveiled at the annual meeting of the ICPJ on, November 14.

The display board was accepted for the high school by Principal Mark Blanchard and will serve as a permanent reminder of the service of these alumni.

The photos and identifying information of eighteen individuals are on the board.

The earliest high school graduate honored on the board is Riley Redding, class of 1963, who served in the Peace Corps both in Gabon and Ethiopia. From the class of 1985 are Patrick Andrews (Peace Corps, Zaire—now the Democratic Republic of Congo), Amy (Schroeder) Khadija Alwi (Peace Corps, Union of the Comoros), Nicholas Ferrara (1966-2010), (Peace Corps, Kenya), and Marni Jones (Islamic Republic of Mauritania).

Edward Roach, class of 1991, served in the Peace Corps in Ukraine; Anna Posner, class of 1998, Peace Corps in Lesotho; Jill Purdy, class of 2000, Teach for America in Philadelphia; Patrick Bringardner, class of 2001, Peace Corps in Peru; Mary Teeter, class of 2002, Peace Corps in Ukraine, Amy Purdy, class of 2002, AmeriCorps in St. Louis, Missouri.

The class of 2004 has four representatives: Marta Erling-Spangler, AmeriCorps in Pittsburgh; Maria Latschar, AmeriCorps, Columbus, Ohio; Anne Schultz, Peace Corps, Lesotho; and Alli (Baugher) Crowell, Teach for America, Washington, D.C.

The most recent graduates on the board are: Andrew Michael, class of 2005, Teach for America in Philadelphia; Rachel Riggs, class of 2006, AmeriCorps in Philadelphia; and Hannah Marker, class of 2010, Peace Corps in Mali.

“As additional graduates who have served in one of the three organizations are identified,” explains Pat Crowner, Board member of the ICPJ, “their photos and identifying information will be added to the board.”